OneTankMedia is an independent news bureau that was created and run by students at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. We strive to create original content across all media platforms focused on a single topic: travel. All content will revolve around places within 100 miles of Jacksonville, and the interesting things to be seen, done and experienced in those places.

Students get to work at OneTankMedia. 
OneTankMedia will cover travel opportunities within 100 miles of Jacksonville. 

Our team is composed of future journalists, public relations representatives, advertisers and broadcasters. We are all equipped with the skills we need to run a news bureau, and we finally have the chance to show that.

All content that we produce is not only available for public consumption, but for publication on any interested news outlet. We ask that all stories be credited to the reporter with a appropriate byline. Reporters may be identified as One Tank Media reporters or University of North Florida Student reporters.

We are committed to being as transparent as possible, and to providing as much information as we can. Above, you’ll find links to the guidelines we adhere to, and information about each member of our team. Please contact us at any time by filling out the contact form, or commenting on any of our social media platforms. We look forward to hearing from you.

We have a full tank. Get ready for the ride.