The Team

Meet the Communication students at the University of North Florida who run OneTankMedia. 

Jamie Swann
Managing Editor

Jamie Swann is a senior studying multimedia journalism. Jamie has spent that last 12 years making the city of Jacksonville her home.

After college, she hopes to merge her love of travel with her love of writing, sharing about her new experiences through a travel magazine or media outlet.

headshots-18Kelsey Oates
Assistant Managing Editor

Kelsey Oates is a senior with a focus in production journalism. She has a strong passion for everything pop culture and a deep love for the arts. When she is not working or attending school, you can find her at the beach lost in a good book with an Angie’s sub and sweet tea by her side.

After graduation Kelsey aspires to become a television correspondent for E! News and move to the City of Angels, Los Angeles.

headshots-12Sarah De Nicolais
Facebook Editor

Sarah DeNicolais is a senior studying multimedia journalism. She first discovered her passion for journalism and production when she was a teenager at an art school in her hometown of West Palm Beach. When she’s not writing, operating a camera or editing video, you can find her enjoying live music in any of North Florida’s local venues or exploring a nature preserve of some sort.

After graduation, Sarah hopes to find a creative outlet that will allow her to combine her love for words, images and adventure. She believes OneTankMedia will provide her with the perfect foundation to do just that.

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headshots-16Mark Judson
Twitter Editor

Mark is a senior with a focus in multimedia journalism. When not writing he enjoys hiking with his dog, cheering for the Jaguars and Clemson, playing music and learning about innovative technologies.

After graduation he plans to pursue a career in investigative journalism, focusing on bringing transparency and accountability to corporate and governmental institutions.

headshots-3Cassidy Alexander
WordPress Editor

Cassidy Alexander is a junior at studying journalism and graphic design. She is the Publisher of the UNF Spinnaker, and in her spare time she is dog-watching or visiting art museums.

When she graduates, Cassidy hopes to get a job that lets her combine her interests and experience in investigative reporting, publication design and web design.

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Megan Massion
Assistant WordPress Editor

Megan Massion is a junior studying journalism and sociology. She has always been passionate about writing and also has a love for traveling, exploring nature, seeing live music and attending music festivals.

Once she graduates, she wants to move to a big city and pursue her dream career as a print journalist.

headshots-19Tiziana Onstead
Photo Editor

Tiziana Onstead is a senior studying multimedia journalism. She is a Jacksonville native with a Sicilian background who loves her city, family, and food.

As an aspiring reporter and future anchor, Tiziana wants to pursue a career locally but wouldn’t mind being ABC’s Robin Roberts co-anchor either.

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headshots-17Carly Wille
Instagram Editor

Carly J. Wille is a senior at UNF studying public relations. Carly loves animals and anything that involves nature and the outdoors.

Carly has a lot of experience with social media and hopes to someday merge her passion for wildlife with her experience in social media and PR.

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headshots-14Justin Belichis
Snapchat Editor

Justin Belichis a full-time journalism senior at UNF. When he isn’t buried in textbooks, he’s probably on stage at a venue downtown playing his Fender Jaguar. He enjoys listening to NPR, Drake and Saves the Day, eating pizza and working with new media.

After graduation, he wants to either own a business or be full-time musician.

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headshots-9Blake Allen
Broadcast Director

Blake Allen is a senior studying multimedia journalism. He is passionate about news, R&B music, and his BlackBerry smartphone.

He is originally from Jacksonville, but has also lived in Massachusetts and Arkansas. Moving around at a young age exposed him to many different lifestyles, and has provided him with plenty of stories and experiences.

One day he hopes to become a television news anchor or host of a television show.

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Ashton Elder
Podcast Producer

Ashton Elder is a senior studying political science and mass communications. She freelances for Eco Latino magazine and is interning at the radio news division at WJCT. A political junkie, she has been able to cover politics at both Eco Latino and WJCT, focusing on the Hispanic vote and Latino political issues.
Ashton hopes to continue to cover politics and combine her storytelling skills with her knowledge of politics to cover things like veterans issues, social justice and minority rights. She hopes to work for an NPR affiliate or online publication like Politico.

headshots-8Ben Samples
Copy Editor

Ben Samples is a senior studying multimedia journalism. He has a passion for writing impactful stories that truly connect with the reader.

One day he hopes to be working for a Christ-focused organization, using his gifts to serve God.

headshots-6Helen Mas
Public Relations Director

Helen Mas is a junior studying public relations. She serves as the events coordinator for the UNF American Marketing Association and is a member of several organizations including the Public Relations Student Society of America.

After college, she hopes to move somewhere close to New York City where she plans to pursue a career in corporate public relations for a magazine or book-publishing company.

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headshots-20Connor Spielmaker
App Designer

Connor is a senior studying journalism. Hailing from Naples, Connor also works in campus media and spends his free time dabbling in photography. If he’s not in class or at work, you can assume Connor is enjoying a tall beverage with friends.

After graduation, Connor will pursue a career with cable news.

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headshots-15Ashley Anderson
Assistant Broadcast Director

Ashley Anderson is a senior studying production. She is also a photography minor and considers photography to be a hobby as well as a class. She considers herself to be a “Professional Bagger” because she has worked at Publix for five years.

After graduation Ashley wants to travel and take photographs as well as video to document her adventures.

headshots-11Luke Barber
Youtube Editor/Travel Playlist Director

Luke Barber is a junior with a dual focus in multimedia journalism and production. He has played bass in a variety of bands over the past eight years and has managed all social media accounts and correspondence for those groups. When he’s not playing, listening to or talking about music, he enjoys learning new things, cooking and eating.

When he graduates, Luke’s goal is to be either a globetrotting rockstar or music-focused videographer.

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headshots-4Francheska Russo
Media Partner Coordinator

Francheska Russo is a senior studying public relations. In her spare time you can find her cheering on the Oakland Raiders or on the football field playing Corner Back for Jacksonville’s professional women’s football team the Dixie Blues. 

She currently works in Public Relations for the GTM Research Reserve but her dream job is to one day work in broadcast. 

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headshots-7Ryan Hutchins
Online News Director

Ryan Hutchins is a senior majoring in multimedia journalism. When he’s not reading, writing or doing schoolwork, Ryan enjoys spending days at Walt Disney World with his friends and family. He is also an avid sports fan. During the baseball season you can expect to see him at many Minor and Major League games across the Southeast.

He aspires to one day land his dream job of working in the Communications Department at the Walt Disney World Resort.

headshots-5Erin Reedy
News Media Coordinator

Erin Reedy is a junior studying public relations. She is currently an intern with Children’s Miracle Network and an active member in her sorority. In her spare time she loves exploring new places and spending time with friends and family.

After college she hopes to travel and get a job with a nonprofit. 

headshots-10Andre Roman
OneTankRadio Producer

Andre Roman is a junior at UNF, pursuing a degree in multimedia journalism. He has a passion for hip-hop music, and all things urban.

He hopes that one day he can fulfill his dream of becoming a professional hip-hop journalist in New York.

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