In an effort to maintain transparency, OneTankMedia is posting the guidelines that we have established and chosen to follow in our news gathering.  


  • Avoid spreading inaccurate information through articles and social media posts. Remember, it is up to our news bureau to verify all information.
  • Always double-check spelling and grammar in anything associated with OneTankMedia. AP style format must be used.
  • Transparency: Always name the original source.
  • When taking images and videos, do not over edit or tweak the images to the point it is looks drastically unrealistic or could cause misconception.
  • Remain objective when describing locations, attractions, etc that are highlighted.


  • Social media outlets are public spaces. Any social media user has the opportunity to consume information.
  • Professional and personal lives can overlap online. Tread with caution. Under no circumstances should the reporter’s personal social media accounts be linked with OneTankMedia social media accounts.
  • We tend to be more “bold” when personally posting online. Remember accuracy and do not be inappropriate.
  • Be able to explain everything posted to the news organization’s social media sites professionally.
  • Avoid excessive posting on social media sites, except for Snapchat.
  • Remain consistent, representing our brand in a professional, uniform way.


  • Social media is never private, so don’t discredit OneTankMedia by giving out false information.
  • Identify yourself as a One Tank Media student journalist from the University of North Florida.
  • Always remain objective.
  • Understand that anything posted online, regardless of personal views, is a representation of OneTankMedia.
  • Do not make promises regarding content to be published. 


  • Treat those you encounter with fairness, honesty and courtesy.
  • Respect other people’s opinions.
  • Welcome feedback and interactions from readers and viewers.