Fort Cinch: Retrospect and recreation
Story by Luke Barber

Fort Clinch is a site in Fernandina Beach that is rich in Florida history. Take a stroll down to the fort for a conversation about Fernandina’s role in the American Civil War with people who are dressed in 19th century garb. The state park not only offers a vast array of knowledge and retrospective understanding, but also a variety of recreation options. You can pitch a tent right next to the beach, go on a rejuvenating hike across multiple terrains, or even see your favorite native birds on one of the park’s gorgeous nature watching trails.

Micanopy: Where old meets new
Story by Ashton Elder

The town’s unique flair and historic foundations make Micanopy, population 600, a perfect stop-over for visitors traveling down State Route 441 south of Gainesville or even a destination for Floridians.

Baldwin Rail Trail: A place to get away
Story by Connor Spielmaker

Looking for a place to get away and enjoy a walk or a bike ride without having to dodge, dip and dive to avoid cars? The Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail is a re-purposed railway that now serves as a 14.5 mile paved trail safe for feet, wheels and even hoofs.

Jacksonville Disc Golf: ‘It’s addicting’
Story by Blake Allen

Disc golf, which is played like regular golf, uses throwing discs instead of clubs and balls to reach the hole in the fewest throws. Unlike ball golf, disc golf is relatively cheap due to low equipment costs and courses that usually don’t require a playing fee. There are, however, leagues that can be joined, which require membership fees.


The ‘farm’ in ‘farm-to-table’
Story by Tiziana Onstead
Video by Luke Barber

Urban Folk Farm provides people with moments they won’t get at the grocery story, like seeing the very first fruit budding on an orchid tree or eating a sorrel weed and realizing it’s a delicious citrus element for a homemade vinaigrette.